DL Medicals Ltd

DL Medicals Ltd (Doctors Legal Medical ltd) is a renowned and ever expanding Medico-Legal reporting agency.  Based in the heart of the newly emerging town of Milton Keynes, the company provides excellent service of care for solicitors, insurance companies, claims management companies and individuals  of the provision of medico legal reports and rehabilitation treatment.

D L Medicals

Our services involve provision of medico legal reports. We can provide GP reports, Orthopaedic reports, Psychiatrist reports, Psychological reports. On instruction we shall liaise with our expert panel of over 8000 doctors to provide you with an early appointment for your client. We shall on attendance forward you the client’s medical report and rehabilitation treatment as early as possible in order for you to progress the client’s needs.

DL Medical rehabilitation methods are far and extensive and we can offer the following treatments

  1. Physiotherapy
  2. Counselling
  3. Chiropractic treatment
  4. Podiatrist treatment
  5. CBT, MRI Scans,  X-Rays, Injections,
  6. Ultra Sounds, Nerve Conduction and many more

Our website details are the following for further information: www.dlmedicals.com

D L Medicals
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