About Spartans

Well we all know who Spartans are if you know History

We are a new breed of Spartans who are mortals and who play cricket in and around Milton Keynes, and have enjoyed one successful year in MK Sunday League and Mid week league.


There are so many clubs already so why another one?

You might know them as Club, but in fact what we found that Yes, there are around 18-20 teams in Milton Keynes itself, but very few Genuine clubs with several teams in them.

All players who have joined us recently came to us, as they could not find a club that could match our Motto  “Fair Cricket for all with Respect and Dignity”.

Playing cricket in the real spirit of the game is a rarity these days, and we want to make sure that Cricket is played as a Gentlemen game, with full dignity and respect for our opponents.

Spartans have invested in a Professional Bola Bowling machine




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